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As a business leader you face greater challenges than ever before.  Unanticipated change impacts your business daily, and it affects your customers, your teams, your technology, and how you deliver your services.  Now more than ever, your business success is dependent on your team's ability to embrace and lead through change. 


While change is inevitable and often resisted, it can also have a positive impact on your business, allowing you to assess and adjust to meet business demand.  Strong leaders know that building a capacity for assessing, adapting to, and leveraging change, is a competitive advantage in today’s business environment.

Allasso Leadership partners with our clients to help you empower, change and transform your leadership. We help you build strong, flexible, and resilient teams that can lead through change, and deliver superior results.


We focus our attention on helping you develop your individual leaders, energize and re-focus your teams, and enable the community of talent you need to achieve quick results.

We develop
strong, resilient leaders 
We foster a dynamic  coaching  culture by facilitating
leadership-inspiring workshops 
on executive level topics 
Executive coaching
Performance consulting
Leadership development 
Leadership branding
Succession planning


We build 
 well-aligned teams 
We energize your business
by helping you articulate your purpose, refresh your processes, and transform
how you deliver your services
Operating model assessment
Service/process cataloging
Governance enablement
Organization restructuring
Strategic program management 


We enable your
community of talent
We help to create right-sized partnerships to ensure you have the right people in the right place at the right time!
Talent sourcing strategy
Services assessment
Partner selection
Engagement model
Performance management

Lorie Page is an experienced business leader, business management consultant and leadership coach, and the founder of Allasso Leadership. Her trademark enthusiasm for helping achieve results -- her genuine compassion, energy, decisiveness, and commitment to “getting things done”, has helped her clients quickly embrace challenges and implement programs leading to  transformative change.  Lorie enjoys working with individuals and businesses who are facing change in the workplace, seeking to strengthen their leadership impact, and looking to improve their overall performance. 


Prior to her years as a management consultant and strategic sourcing advisor, Lorie held senior business leadership roles across leading global professional services firms, including Atos Origin, SCT and Keane. She holds a Master’s Degree in Communications, has completed doctoral coursework in organizational dynamics, and is credentialed as a executive coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

Brent Muller is an experienced business management consultant and strategic projects program manager.  His primary focus is on helping clients rapidly implement key initiatives that drive change within the organization.  Brent is business-focused, but also brings a strong technology background to the table. He is also well-versed and experienced in overall program discipline having worked on several large implementation projects in various roles.



Brent thrives in working with both business and technology teams to ensure programs remain in line with the stated goals and drive the change the organization is seeking.  He has worked in many industries including Healthcare, Education, Software, Manufacturing, Finance and Pharma.  He has worked across the spectrum, from small software startups to large, global consulting firms over the last 17 years.  Brent holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

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We help businesses build strong leaders 

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Empower, Change, and Transform your leadership!


Allasso Leadership is a boutique leadership coaching and consulting firm.  

We help businesses and their operating teams achieve their goals by

tackling the challenges brought on by change.

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